After much cringing and two and a half cigarettes, I have hidden all of my blogposts. The nerve I had, pouring my heart out in shitty writing for the whole world to see.

Excuse my language.


Credits to tumblr user presidentgay and to one of the best tv shows ever, The Good Wife.

I contemplated shutting down this blog entirely, as it no longer affects my life in any way (apart from awkward discussions about it with not-so-close acquaintances). But as reminiscing the past is one of my favourite hobbies, I have decided to keep the blog alive, in the most minimal sense.

I am still an idealist, a (very) frustrated romantic, and a cat lover. This blog, however, is no longer a school project, nor is it something that I will shove in everyone’s face every time I post something – it will merely serve as a loosely-kept record of my life, which would only be stumbled upon by a few readers (hey you).

Atlas, I say the same toast as I raise my can of Coke over the Internet:

Here’s to finding the perfect balance in life – getting to the top and having the time of our lives.

Love, Minna.


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